Working Together

Perfectly Integrated 
Business Value

Since 1994, Aplin Labs has tested and refined an adaptive technological architecture that corresponds to robust measures of human and conditional factors; Performance Architectural Science Systems, or PASS, is a well-vetted means of organizing methods of low-risk, high-reward capability changes.

Government Reforms

The most intense bureaucracy is the federal government. It offers a massive array of entrenched cultural and structural problems. among 4 million employees and 8 thousand senior executives.  Working with notable colleagues, Aplin Labs helped develop a business case to guide senior executives and the White House in actions that can reliably overcome the nature of bureaucracy.  The paper is available to everyone, and we hope to see it become a model framework for governments around the world.

Integrate and Increment 

VA healthcare includes a medical workforce of 280,000, one of the largest in the world. The workforce requires a broad variety of training to stay mission ready, including thousands of training events each year. VA faced a processing bottleneck, where each business case included many varied operational needs, training plans, and personnel requirements. Aplin Labs provided architecture and algorithms to convert a slow and cumbersome bureaucratic process into one that relies on augmented and automated functions, including reusable and controlled data, auto-generated business cases, and workflow management signals. The AM platform reduced the time-cost of the average business case process by 98%. 

Refine and Reuse

The federal government has struggled with data security for many years. The essence of the problem is concentration on security actions among disparate and varied groups, in our case, 365,000 VA employees. Aplin Labs provided architecture and algorithms for recursively designing, delivering, and analyzing content that would influence thinking and actions among employees. The AM platform used implicit and explicit analyses to present nearly 6 million messaging artifacts. Surveys confirmed that nearly all employees experienced notable increases in their data security habits.  

Coordinate and Control

IT services is another systemic weakness in government. In our case, VA headquarters is supported by 170 technologists that were overworked, under-developed, and increasingly bureaucratic in their organization. Aplin Labs provided architecture and algorithms to pinpoint performance cycle weaknesses, within major service functions. The teams were provided opportunities to help engineer new capabilities, leading to AM-enabled productivity increases that ranged from 15% to 300%, depending on the area of operation.  
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