Artificial Management

What is Artificial Management?

Artificial Management is a set of well-fitted, carefully engineered tools. 

Technically, Artificial Management is a set of mathematical algorithms that are configured, through condensed software components, to fit various teams of people with optimized delivery of error-free information, automatic digital artifacts, priority decision-points, customized nudging signals, and other means of augmenting expertise and reinforcing performance capability. It is a means of enhancing the value of teams, while keeping managers focused on coaching, teaching, and leading people. 

Consider the team of mechanics, or “pit crew,” of a Formula One race car. Every tool they use is well-fitted to the team’s progress in optimized their tasks. Likewise, the tools are carefully engineered for accuracy and efficiency in every action. As a result, the team can consistently produce ideal outcomes. 

Every business leader has at least one critical operation that would benefit from well-fitted and carefully engineered tools, and some leaders have many, if not the whole organization.

The challenge for the business leader is knowing the true nature of the organization, and then influencing the organization so that performance improvements are highly effective.   

Aplin Labs supports business leaders by helping with three key questions: 
  • Which operations in the organization are ready for performance improvement? 
  • What scope and level of analytic rigor will fit the priority operations?
  • How to frame a low-risk, high-reward artificial management transformation? 

Artificial Management is the next generation of applied business sciences. It is a powerful means of engineering outcomes with optimal value.  

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